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Virtual Cards

Crunch makes it simple for you to set up a cost-effective, virtual prepaid card system that’s tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Bulk Virtual Card Issuing

Crunch lets you instantly issue virtual cards so that users can access funds straight away. You can also change settings and functions in bulk, all through our intuitive Cardholder Management Platform.

Single Spend or Reloadable

Provide single-use or reloadable virtual cards for a whole range of uses. Cardholders can only spend what’s on the card, so there’s no risk of going overdrawn.

Cost Effective

Virtual cards are cheaper than physical cards, thus are a great alternative. They have the controls and flexibility of a physical card but can only be used online or over the phone.

Enhanced Reconciliation

Organise your virtual cardholder accounts into groups depending on your needs. Cardholders can upload receipts through the app, and administrators can manage all of their groups in one place for easy management and quick reconciliation.

Flexible API

Our platform and customisable APIs give you the flexibility and ability to amend your card platform, settings and controls in real time.

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