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Shipping and Freight Payroll


Manage payroll for shipping and freight employees or contractors around the world with Crunch.

Complete control over funds

Our Card Management Platform allows you to make payments to cards or digital wallets, automate bulk payments or replace stolen cards. Plus, users can only spend what’s on the card, so no risk of going overdrawn.

Easy Management & Reconciliation

Organise your cardholder accounts into groups by region, team, product or department depending on how your company works. Administrators can manage all of their groups in one place for easy management and reconciliation.

Multiple Currencies and Languages

Multiple currencies are available for digital wallets and prepaid cards. They can be loaded and spent in the same currency to save on fees. Plus, our cardholder portal and management platform come in 120+ languages.

Instant Access to Funds

Crunch prepaid cards don’t require a credit check so can be issued quickly and easily. As soon as the user’s card is registered on the management portal they can access their funds.

Cashless Spending

Our tailored contactless prepaid cards make life easier for those used to relying on cash. They can spend safely online or over the phone, without the need for a bank account.

Worldwide Usage

All of our prepaid cards are Mastercard®. This means you can spend in millions of locations worldwide in-store, online, by mail or over the phone.

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