Crunch Solutions

Company Benefits

Give your employees the ultimate company benefit, a prepaid card that they can spend anywhere they like!

Financial Inclusion

Prepaid cards offer financial inclusion to those that would otherwise lack access to financial services such as paying for things online or over the phone. The system handles everything from compliance requirements to fraud monitoring in order to provide a safe, secure, and accessible experience.

Instant Card Issuing

Our non-personalised prepaid cards don’t require a bank account so can be issued quickly and easily. Cards stored in your safe are ready to be issued. As soon as registered and loaded, the cards can be used straight away.

Remote Card Management

Use our web-based Card Management Platform, or our API, to manage all cards remotely. Load cards or digital wallets in real time, change card behaviours, automate bulk payments, or replace stolen cards. Plus, users can only spend what’s on the card, so no risk of going overdrawn.

Mastercard for Worldwide Usage

Our Mastercard Prepaid Cards can be used anywhere the Mastercard® acceptance logo is displayed. This means card users can spend in millions of locations worldwide, in-store, online, by mail, or over the phone.

Cashless Spending

Our contactless prepaid card solutions make it easier and safer for those wishing to move away from a cash-only lifestyle to spend and manage their money. Card spending gives the option to purchase online or over the phone. Plus, it’s easy for you to refund expenses as you can see all original transactions in the user’s account.

Welcome Packs

Our personalised, branded welcome packs make a positive first impression that lasts. They’re a fantastic way to provide people with the information they need, whilst communicating the benefits of your products. Packs are fully customisable and can come in multiple languages, format and design.

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