Crunch Solutions


Use Crunch’s customisable prepaid card and management tools to offer payment cards for gaming.

Private and secure

Prepaid cards have the same security features as credit and debit cards. They require a PIN, the card can be frozen if lost or stolen, and online transactions are protected by the latest security protocols and cardholder authentications. Fraud exposure is limited to the balance on the prepaid card, so no risk to your bank account funds.

Customisable APIs

Do you have your own platform that would benefit from using Crunch’s features? Our customisable APIs allow you to do just that. Available features include; cardholder registration, eKYC, PEP and Sanctions, card ordering, card customization, card behaviour changes, statements, loading, unloading cards, fee collations, cardholder alerts and much more.

Extensive Spending Controls

Over 40 different settings for card’s and digital wallet’s behaviour enable you to decide exactly where and how they can be used. The system allows you to change settings in real-time and protects cardholders from fraudsters with a blacklist of dangerous sites.

Remote Card Management

Use our web-based Card Management Platform, or our APIs, to manage all cards remotely. Load cards or digital wallets in real-time, change card behaviours, automate bulk payments, or replace stolen cards. Plus, users can only spend what’s on the card, so no risk of going overdrawn.

Instant Card Issuing

Our non-personalised prepaid cards don’t require a bank account so can be issued quickly and easily. Cards stored in your safe are ready to be issued. As soon as registered and loaded, the cards can be used straight away.

Secure Online Card Activation

The gift card activation process is handled by our safe and secure platform, with extra encryption over and above the usual https. For online card registration, Crunch can generate a customised one-time URL which is valid for a limited amount of time.

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