Crunch Solutions

Media Purchases Expenses

Track your media spending with a dedicated Crunch account just for media purchases.

Virtual Cards

The varied and versatile Crunch Virtual cards are ideal for immediate issuance and can be used online as an example, for media buying. Virtual cards can be ordered individually or in bulk, provided as a zero balance card or used preloaded as a virtual wallet, set up for single-use, and many more possibilities.

Full Accountability

Our app, Cardholder Portal and Card Management Platform provide easy access to real-time information to help you manage and control cardholder spending. Cardholders can upload photos of receipts for administrators to log, ready for refunding, reconciling or creating expense reports.

Remote Card Management

Use our web-based Card Management Platform, or our APIs, to manage all cards remotely. Load cards or digital wallets in real-time, change card behaviours, automate bulk payments, or replace stolen cards. Plus, users can only spend what’s on the card, so no risk of going overdrawn.

Cost Effective Virtual Cards

The main benefit of virtual loyalty cards is that they’re a fraction of the price of a physical card. They have the controls and flexibility of a physical card but can only be used online or over the phone. Virtual card wallets also enable you to segregate funds and simplify your payments reconciliation.

Easy Management & Reconciliation

Organise your cardholder accounts into groups by region, team, product or department depending on how your company works. Set administrator permissions based on the user’s role, and give them the ease of managing all of their user group accounts, reconciliation, and individual cards in one secure place.

Bulk Card Management

For media purchases, our platform and customisable APIs give you the flexibility and ability to change your card’s functions in bulk. For added security and fraud risk reduction, money is only loaded to the cards at the moment of distribution and activation.

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