Crunch Solutions

Shipping and Freight Expenses

Manage expenses for your shipping or freight company in a safe, simple, and efficient way with Crunch.

Multiple Currencies

Multiple currencies are available for digital wallets and prepaid cards. They can be loaded and spent in the same currency to save on foreign exchange fees.

Remote Card Management

Use our web-based Card Management Platform, or our APIs, to manage all cards remotely. Load cards or digital wallets in real-time, change card behaviours, automate bulk payments, or replace stolen cards. Plus, users can only spend what’s on the card, so no risk of going overdrawn.

Transparent Transactions

Cardholders and corporations can easily view and track expenses using the cardholder management portal or mobile app. Card users can upload expense receipts for administrators to deal with in real time. Data can also be imported into your internal system through our extensive APIs.

Instant Card Issuing

Our non-personalised prepaid cards don’t require a bank account so can be issued quickly and easily. Cards stored in your safe are ready to be issued. As soon as registered and loaded, the cards can be used straight away.

Cost Effective Virtual Cards

The main benefit of virtual cards is that they’re a fraction of the price of a physical card. They have the controls and flexibility of a physical card but can only be used online or over the phone. Virtual card wallets also enable you to segregate funds and simplify your payments reconciliation.

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