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Seasonal Workers’ Payroll

Manage seasonal workers’ payroll for employees or contractors around the world with Crunch.

Instant Access to Funds

Our prepaid cards offer an accessible alternative to conventional debit or credit cards as they don’t require a bank account or credit check. Users can access and spend their funds as soon as their card is registered and loaded through your Card Management Portal.

Multiple Languages

Our intuitive cardholder portal and management platform come in 120+ languages. All emails, notifications, welcome letters and other communications can be tailored to your requirements. Our multi-lingual customer services support users in their own language.

Instant Card Issuing

Our non-personalised prepaid cards don’t require a bank account so can be issued quickly and easily. Cards stored in your safe are ready to be issued. As soon as registered and loaded, the cards can be used straight away.

Secondary Cards

Secondary cards allow users to give someone else access to their account. Ideal for children, spouses, expenses, or other specific types of purchases. Spending limits can be set on aspects such as currency, transaction type, merchant or location.

Easily Recharge Costs

Collect rechargeable costs directly from Crunch card users. Simply ask the cardholder to sign a charge collection agreement so your recharges can be collected as and when required. A charge collection report can be provided for easier reconciliation.

Welcome Packs

Our personalised, branded welcome packs make a positive first impression that lasts. They’re a fantastic way to provide people with the information they need, whilst communicating the benefits of your products. Packs are fully customisable and can come in multiple languages, format and design.

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