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Gaming and Payouts


Pay out your winners with a branded debit card.


Paying out your clients is harder than ever. You have restrictions on cash transactions and many customers are unwilling to hand out their bank details. So how can you give them what they’ve won?

And how can you keep your company at the top of their minds every single day?


The answer is a branded debit card.

Your clients will receive their own debit card, emblazoned with your brand.

You load their payout onto the card and they can use their money however they choose.

It’s a simple way of paying out your customers and is compliant with all AML requirements across UK and the EEA.

Crunch Payments has decades of experience building bespoke card systems. We allow you to focus on your business, whilst we take care of the boring but necessary payment systems.

Instant Card Issuing

Our cards are ready to be issued to your customers instantly. Blank cards are stored in your safe, ready to be registered to new customers and loaded instantly. Cards can then be used straight away in almost any retailer worldwide.

Instant Access to Funds

3-5 working days? Not with Crunch! When we say instant, we mean it. Your customers can withdraw their funds onto a safe prepaid card right there and then.

Understand Your Customers

View aggregated and anonymised data on how and where your
customers spend their money. Understanding their behaviours
will give your company a competitive edge.

Private and Secure

Our prepaid cards have the same security features as other credit and debit cards. In-store purchases and online transactions are protected by the latest security systems and authentications. Cards can be frozen via the app if lost or stolen. We’ll even handle all your chargebacks and fraud monitoring.

Your brand in their hand

A branded debit card means that your establishment is always in the mind of the customer: every time they spend with their card, they’ll be reminded of you.

Let’s bring your innovation to life