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Card Issuing

Crunch provides all of the components you need to launch your own bespoke card programme. We manage the complexities of card issuing so you don’t have to.

Launch with confidence

Crunch makes it as easy as possible for you to reach that launch date. From planning through to the complexities of implementation, we bring your payment product to life.

App Features

Load and Transfer

Load cards and take care of balance transfers

Scan Receipts

Load cards and take care of balance transfers

Multi Card & Currency

Display multiple cards including balances and currencies

Transaction History

View transaction history including detailed transaction information

Change Card Behaviour

Change card behaviour e.g. merchant controls, ATM and online permissions

Card Security

Block/unblock card(s) instantly

Push Notifications

Send cardholder push notification


View documentation (policies, terms & conditions and fees)

White label cards

Enhance your brand’s image with your own logo and design on your prepaid Mastercard and/or Visa card, whilst retaining all the features of the Crunch-branded card. The initial process takes only 2 to 3 months, but if you are looking for speed to market, non-personalised Crunch cards are a great solution.

Card scheme membership

This is a vital function of any company offering card programs. We’ll help you to become a member of the Mastercard and/or Visa scheme so your cards can operate on the networks.

Let’s bring your innovation to life

Payment processing

To allow your customers to use their cards, you’ll need a way to process transactions. We’ll get you set up with a processor and implement everything for you.

Issuing banks

We’ll get you set up with an issuing bank. They’ll be the ones that issue your cards and approve or decline cardholder transactions.

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