How Do Crunch Cybersecurity Card Features Keep Funds Safe?

11th January 2024

With growing numbers of ‘enduring and significant threats to the UK’s critical infrastructure’ (, businesses require robust financial solutions. With costs of approximately £15,300 per victim, avoiding risks for clients and staff alike is paramount. When creating your card programme, Crunch cybersecurity card features are here to help…

Crunch Card Cybersecurity Card Features

Crunch is leading the way for Fintech Innovation, and prides itself in its cybersecurity card features…

Management Portal

The management portal holds card user controls and card loading options. This is the only login that allows for viewing cardholder transactions and information. 

Customer Service

Our customer service team requires identity verification when discussing card queries. This ensures that only the cardholder can get through to the next stages of contact. Alternatively, for prepaid cards that don’t require a named owner (gift cards for example), other verification means are still required.

Native Apps

Our native apps are developed in Swift and Java/Kotlin. These are more secure than web apps, as they don’t depend on browsers. Using the cardholder portal and their unique login, the account holder can change and view their PIN, see their card total, view their transaction history and more.

Cache Files

Cached data can contain sensitive information such as passwords, cookies, and browsing history. If compromised, this information can lead to account hacking. Therefore, we entirely avoid the use of cache files. Alongside this, Crunch actions careful and minimal usage of ‘web views’ to load our own content (Our T&C’s, for example).

Data Storage

Crunch uses ‘well-known verification’ between our apps and web domains, alongside cryptography for all stored data. The account holder must provide codes and digital keys (cryptography) to ensure the login attempt is genuine, and hasn’t been tampered with during the transmission.


We only distribute our app through trusted App Stores. Alongside this, we frequently update our ‘app dependencies’ to include the latest functionality and security patches. Updating our app frequently keeps all personal information protected, preventing hackers from finding entry points.

The safe and reliable card solution

Crunch cybersecurity card features do the hard work for you, allowing you to focus on your business. By leading the way with our innovative finance technology, Crunch is here to simplify your card programme practices and safeguard both you and your clients.

To discover our range of card programme specialities and find the perfect Crunch solution for you, simply get in touch to discuss your needs today!

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