Christmas Presents For Staff: The Corporate Gifting Card With Extra Oomph

06th December 2023

In need of Christmas presents for your staff? Roughly half of UK businesses giving their staff gifts during the festive season ( Therefore, delivering on a unique and appreciated present can be a logistical nightmare. 

No longer just a ‘nice-to-have’, corporate Christmas gifting is now viewed as a reflection of hard work during the year. According to PA Life, half of staff members see a seasonal reward as an ‘important’ workplace ethos. 

Despite 88% of UK employees hoping to receive a present from their employers, only 46% think they will realistically receive one. 

In recent years, gifting within the workplace has become an essential part of employee loyalty. Therefore, getting this aspect of your practices right could be key to increasing employee retention and morale.

The issues with traditional Christmas presents for staff.

Although an office staple, nearly half of employees have negative feelings towards the classic ‘Secret Santa’ approach. Employees often don’t know the person they are assigned; making presents too generic or unsuited to the receiver’s preferences. 

Although a gift card may be a logical step, there are many issues that surround this approach. Standard gift card programmes can have a limited retailer network, making it difficult for employees to spend. 

Many issues can arise from typical gift card use: 

  • Inability to cater for personal tastes
  • Access to a local branch to shop in
  • Inappropriate range for food allergies or religious limitations
  • Shipping costs for online purchases

The solution? A customised prepaid card from Crunch!

Christmas may be just around the corner, but here at Crunch we’re already thinking about 2024! 

Our prepaid cards can be used just like a standard debit card, adhering to the flexibility preferred by employees. The card can be designed with your company’s branding, and can be reloaded for long term employee rewards schemes. This way an employee can use the gifting money however they wish, making it the ultimate choice in flexible gifting! 

So whether your employees want to treat themselves to a meal out, a new outfit or even put the money towards their Christmas food shop; the decision is wholly their’s to make with a Crunch prepaid card!

Better yet, Crunch’s system has its very own portal for both employees and managers alike. Purchases and outgoings are fully trackable and accountable. 

Want to find out how your company could maximise employee satisfaction with a flexible gifting solution to suit your needs? Get in touch with our expert team and discover the future of gifting today!

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